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  Toonami News The Lich King descends from his throne...

Jason DeMarco held an AMA session yesterday on Reddit. It's too long to cover, so Toonami Faithful has an overview of what went down.

  Posted by Daikun on Tuesday, October 28 @ 16:11:16 EDT (90 reads)
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  Acquisition Info Return of the demon, loss of the vampire.

Good news and bad news.

Good: Inuyasha: The Final Act is FINALLY coming to Toonami on November 15 at 2AM.

Bad: Hellsing Ultimate is cutting off early on November 8. (You can purchase the final two episodes on DVD and Blu-Ray [or stream digitally] through FUNimation's website. It's discounted, so go get it!)

  Posted by Daikun on Friday, October 24 @ 14:34:41 EDT (152 reads)
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  Schedules An extra extra hour.

Toonami has revealed on the Tumblr that Cooler's Revenge is getting an encore broadcast during Daylight Savings on November 1.

  Posted by Daikun on Friday, October 17 @ 00:41:14 EDT (251 reads)
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  Acquisition Info Finally, Gundam is back!

Right Stuf has seemingly acquired all Gundam properties from Sunrise. Enjoy owning the franchise again on DVD.

Also, the Gundam: Origin OVA series is being dubbed by NYAV Post.

  Posted by Daikun on Saturday, October 11 @ 16:20:00 EDT (279 reads)
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  Etc. Farewell, Nine-Tails.

Naruto is finally ending.

No, I'm not referring to Shippuden or its broadcast on Toonami (they still have a long way to go), but the manga is finally ending after 15 long years. The final issue will be released in 5 weeks.

  Posted by Daikun on Monday, October 06 @ 01:39:46 EDT (342 reads)
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  Toonami News Some Tumblr stuff.

Toonami had a Tumblr Q&A this morning. Here are a few highlights:

-DBZ Kai will indeed replace Bleach at midnight. (That leaves the question of what will happen at 11:30, which was never addressed, although Attack on Titan will be getting a rerun.)

-There will be another month of movies this December.

-IGPX and FLCL will return to the lineup at some point.

-It's doubtful we'll see another mixtape this year, but they might release DJ Clarknova's Apocalypse Now. Maybe.

-Bleach won't get a rerun, but Toonami will probably give it a special sendoff.

-DBZ Kai's aspect ratio is uncertain.

-They're denying the existence of Sentai Filmworks, for some reason...

-Most requested shows: Sailor Moon, Kill La Kill, SAO season 2.

-Depending on Hellsing Ultimate's success, more hour-long series could premiere.

-They're looking into merchandise.

Note: If I missed anything (at least anything important), let me know. Thanks!
  Posted by Daikun on Sunday, September 28 @ 18:06:59 EDT (523 reads)
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  Schedules Suddenly, ending!

The Tumblr states that a last-minute schedule change popped up out of nowhere. Sym-Bionic Titan and Beware the Batman are being written off for tax purposes. As a result, BtB will be marathoning the final episodes this Saturday from 2:30-6AM.

Also, Space Dandy WILL be reairing on October 4 as a result of this sudden change.

11:30 - Attack on Titan
12:00 - Bleach
12:30 - Naruto: Shippuden
1:00 - One Piece
1:30 - Gurren Lagann
2:00 - Hellsing Ultimate
3:00 - Space Dandy
3:30 - Cowboy Bebop
4:00 - FMA:B
4:30 - GitS:SAC 2nd Gig
5:00 - Big O 2
5:30 - Samurai Jack

  Posted by Daikun on Monday, September 22 @ 17:04:44 EDT (1090 reads)
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  Schedules The Force is no longer with you.

According to the Tumblr, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is abruptly ending on October 4 (the new series, Star Wars Rebels, premieres on Disney XD by that time, so they have to stop). Also, Space Dandy won't be repeating and Big O and GitS make a reprise.

11:30 - Attack on Titan
12:00 - Bleach
12:30 - Naruto: Shippuden
1:00 - One Piece
1:30 - Gurren Lagann
2:00 - Beware the Batman
2:30 - Hellsing Ultimate
3:30 - Cowboy Bebop (NOTE: Will be interrupted on Oct. 4 due to extra-long HU episode.)
4:00 - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
4:30 - GitS:SAC 2nd Gig
5:00 - Big O 2
5:30 - Samurai Jack

Never mind. Change of plans. (See next story.)

  Posted by Daikun on Tuesday, September 16 @ 15:17:23 EDT (1003 reads)
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  Acquisition Info The Boys Are Back In Town!

The oft-forgotten Toonami veteran series Ronin Warriors has been licensed by Discotek Media! However, it will be a sub-only release and it will be released under its original Japanese title, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. (Strangely, they'll also be releasing the OVA series with the dub.) They've issued the following statement regarding this release:

“This will be the original version only. If and when we release Ronin Warriors, it will be a separate collection. There are some issues that need to be cleared on the dub.”

  Posted by Daikun on Friday, September 05 @ 07:46:59 EDT (867 reads)
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  Acquisition Info Vampire killin' fun! (ADDENDUM)

Hellsing Ultimate joins Toonami on September 13 as a replacement for Black Lagoon (and Naruto, since each episode is an hour long)!

UPDATE: According to JDM, Naruto is indeed gone. Probably permanently.

  Posted by Daikun on Saturday, August 23 @ 21:02:55 EDT (1028 reads)
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