Toonami Related Comics for January 22nd
Date: Tuesday, January 21 @ 18:29:24 EST
Topic: Release Info

From Dragonball and Transformers to Masters of the Universe and Battle of the Planets, Toonami-related comics have kinda hit a revival.

This week brings the standard Detective Comics fare, a blast from the Veritch past, and a little (Very little) Gundam and Dragonball. Slow week, but I'm sure it'll pick up... I hope it'll pick up.

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Source: The priceless (yet price-filled) Diamond Comics

Adventures of Superman
Issue #612, $2.25

Issue #611, $2.25

Batman: Gotham Adventures
Issue #58, $2.25

Birds of Prey
Issue #51, $2.50

Issue #15, $2.50

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn
Trade Paperback, $14.95

Supergirl (Final issue?)
Issue #78, $2.50

Wizard Edge (A Transformers Cover...)
2003, $4.99

All New Tenchi Muyo!
Part 2, Issue #4 of 5, $2.95

Part 6 Issue #1 of 8, $3.50

Gundam: The Origin
Issue #4, $7.95

Robotech: The Macross Saga
Trade Paperback, Volume 1, $14.95

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