And I'll form the head... of the company!
Date: Thursday, March 20 @ 14:21:01 EST
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Wait, wrong animé...

Based on the animé Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets continues it's revival with... a company? Sandy Frank Entertainment has established Batttle of the Planets, INC. This company will be heading up television, merchandising, and video game licensing, among other things. Rhino Home Video will begin releasing a box set in June, and Top Cow continues to release the comic. Possible merchandise include trading cards, t-shirts, and the like. A 53-episode television series, combining new and old animation, is in the works for an unknown network by Fall 2003.

G-Force, also based of Gatchaman, aired as part of the final, original Toonami: Midnight Run. With it's subject matter, Toonami seems to be a likely choice to air the series.

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