By the power of Greyskull - the fate of He-Man is in your hands!
Date: Friday, February 27 @ 03:14:25 EST
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Die-hard fans have been speculating the future of Mattel's Masters of the Universe line heavily in the last couple months. No new official line-up announcements. No word on the continuing of the new 'toon. Could this be the end of the fabled warrior of Eternia; his friends and foes?

According to Dan Salazar, Mattel Boy Toy PR, the answer is no - though don't break out the party favors quite yet.

Mattel's latest Snakemen Wave, found in all places, Aldi's grocery stores, will be bypassing mass retail release. Mattel will instead market this assortment via specialty stores, toy magazines and select online retailers. "Snakemen" sales through this new marketing strategy will ultimately determine IF future MOTU product is released.


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