FUNimation, Nelvana, team up to form...
Date: Friday, September 26 @ 20:44:06 EDT
Topic: Etc.

Well, they're not really forming anything, other than a deal...

FUNimation, dubbers of Toonami's own Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Yu-Yu Hakusho, and Nelvana, dubbers of Toonami's own... uh... Cardcaptors... have teamed up. FUNimation has acquired the rights to 44 back-catalog Nelvana titles and has the oppurtunity to co-produce with them.

With FUNimation releasing 4Kids titles on home video, and FUNimation being so closely connected to Cartoon Network... things are looking good.

Source: Animé News Network

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