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Was the old survey online too long?

What survey?


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  Battousai the Manslayer? Hmm...Lifetaker? Persongetter?
Posted on Friday, February 14 @ 09:23:51 EST by tylerl

Acquisition Info Cartoon Network's schedule gets ahead of them once again as Rurouni Kenshin gets the 6:30pm spot on the new Toonami beginning March 17th.
No press release just yet.
Thanks to Gogeta of Adult Swim Unleashed for the Unofficial Official heads-up.

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Re: Battousai the Manslayer? Hmm...Lifetaker? Persongetter? (Score: 1)
by teon00 on Tuesday, May 01 @ 05:13:58 EDT
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Re: Battousai the Manslayer? Hmm...Lifetaker? Persongetter? (Score: 1)
by anthonyfiddy2 on Monday, June 09 @ 03:24:15 EDT
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Re: Battousai the Manslayer? Hmm...Lifetaker? Persongetter? (Score: 1)
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Re: Battousai the Manslayer? Hmm...Lifetaker? Persongetter? (Score: 1)
by jack on Thursday, May 28 @ 23:20:26 EDT
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Re: Battousai the Manslayer? Hmm...Lifetaker? Persongetter? (Score: 1)
by dazhu on Thursday, June 11 @ 02:38:29 EDT
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