Another One Rises from the Dust...
Date: Monday, February 03 @ 15:12:02 EST
Topic: Release Info

(Sorry, that was supposed to come off as a "Another one bites the dust" ripoff, but it sucks)

Sandy Frank Entertainment has announced that "Battle of the Planets: The New Exploits of G-Force" is in production of 52 episodes for the fall of 2003. Ocean Productions will be producing it as a combination of new animation and old-school Gatchaman. Reportedly, the Battle Special will feature a fight between G-Force and Zoltar resulting in the destruction of G-Force's HQ.

Gatchaman came to Toonami in it's G-Force incarnation, and was part of the final, original Toonami Midnight Run incarnation. It is currently being revived as an American comic book.

Source: Figures.Com

EDIT- Arg... I messed up on the episode number. Fixed.

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