More sweet music to your ears! (UPDATE)
Date: Friday, December 21 @ 15:13:13 EST
Topic: Etc.

(Note: This is a repost of an earlier story. I'm bumping this to the top with more info.)

The Toonami Tumblr has been releasing a lot of mixtapes from DJ Clarknova over the past few weeks.

It started with the release of Warm N Scratchy Vol. 1, then Skull Island, and now more great news is coming down the pike!

Warm N Scratchy Vol. 3 has been released today (open in a new tab to make these links work), and a third Toonami album, Toonami Supernova Megamix, is being released on Christmas Day!

There are a few more volumes of Warm N Scratchy to go, and Vol. 2 is their least favorite, so they're releasing it last, if at all.

UPDATE: It's Supernova time! Merry Christmas!

Also, check out the other fan-made cover art submissions here and here. (EDIT: Here's an updated version of the "official cover" from the same artist.)

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