New schedule confirmed for July 7th
Date: Wednesday, June 25 @ 15:10:31 EDT
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Currently Yu Yu Hakusho is scheduled to end its current run on Friday with the premiere of Cyborg 009 set to take over the timeslot on Monday. It was originally assumed that Yu Yu Hakusho would return sometime later this year, however new information at says it will return much sooner. The latest schedule information says it will return July 7th at 6.5 PM. Rurouni Kenshin is being bumped to SVES. For the full schedule click Read More.

As previously reported the Toonami schedule starting June 30th will be (All Times Eastern):
5.0 PM - Justice League - First Toonami Run
5.5 PM - Dragonball Z - Kid Buu Saga
6.0 PM - Cyborg 009 - New Series Premiere!
6.5 PM - Rurouni Kenshin - Kyoto Arc Premiere!

The next week, starting July 7th, the schedule is now confirmed to be:

5.0 PM - Justice League - First Toonami Run
5.5 PM - Dragonball Z - Final five episodes
6.0 PM - Cyborg 009 - All New Episodes!
6.5 PM - Yu Yu Hakusho - Dark Tournament Saga 2nd Run

However, that week on July 12th, Yu Yu Hakusho leaves SVES and Rurouni Kenshin joins the block at 10 PM Saturday nights. Interestingly also, instead of starting over like YYH did, it looks like RK will continue from where it left off on Toonami. Thus, new episodes will air. You'll just get them once a week instead of five times a week.

Finally some Dragonball Z news. Season 7 ends July 11th. Instead of showing Buu yet again they are jumping back to Namek and starting with episode 58 of all places. Usually if they start around there it is a few episodes back when Goku arrives on the battle field. This time it's in the middle of the Captain Ginyu saga.

To sum up, Yu Yu Hakusho is only gone for a week, Rurouni Kenshin is bumped to SVES as new episodes continue, DBZ plays some episodes unseen in almost a year and a brand spankin' new show, Cyborg 009, starts Monday.

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