New Season of He-Man = Less Nakedness
Date: Wednesday, June 11 @ 15:20:35 EDT
Topic: Etc.

Despite their premeiring on SVES, He-Man's gonna have to return to Toonami someday...

Season 2 of He-Man ain't as mysterious as previously thought. Everyone gets new armor. After November's airing of the two part Season 1 finalé, "Council of Evil", Season 2 will kick into full gear with... eh... spoilers abound. If you want some truth, "Read More."

Source: Toyfare: The Toy Magazine from Wizard Universe

Season 2 will focus on He-Man and the others donning Snake armor to fight off the Snake Men from Season 1. Everything in Season 2 will have some origin in Season 1, so we've already seen the seeds of evil being planted.

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