Big O! It's Season 2 Showtime!
Date: Wednesday, March 12 @ 14:25:22 EST
Topic: Release Info

Huh... the Season 1 Box Set of The Big O will be out on April 25th, simultaneous with the Season 2 premiere on Toonami. Ahh... if we were only talking about America...

Yeah, Japan gets The Big 2.O on Toonami. Since Cartoon Network helped create this series, and sincei it's airing on Toonami over there, maybe it WOULD fit on Toonami in America. Edited show (Heck, it may NOT be edited) plus uncut DVDs equals money for CN.

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Let's see, here's how Big O boiled down, production wise.

Heavily influenced by an American series (Batman), and produced by the company that made it's later incarnation (The New Batman Adventures), Big O (Premiered in Japan) came to America and got recognition as part of our Toonami. Cartoon Network (Which began in America) funds another season, premieres it on Japanese Toonami (Ported from America), and later brings it to our shores (Adult Swim? I'm betting Toonami).

So, it's an American-influenced, American-funded, Japanese Animé.

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