Date: Friday, March 21 @ 11:53:45 EST
Topic: Release Info

He may have adventures on the planet Eternia, but the sword-swinging icon known as He-Man now calls Florida home. MVCreations, publisher of the popular Masters of the Universe series as well as additional upcoming all-ages titles such as Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair, has signed an agreement with CrossGeneration Entertainment to produce comic books and trade paperbacks under the CGE banner.

“I’m thrilled to have MVCreations join the family,” stated CGE Managing Editor Ian M. Feller. “They’re a great group of people who are dedicated to working hard and putting out a great product that is suitable for an all-ages worldwide market. With Masters of the Universe as well as the upcoming Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, and other cool titles that we’ll soon announce, MVCreations have proven that they can do top-notch work on a timely basis. They’re exactly the type of people that CGE was designed to work with.”

“From He-Man to Teela to Skeletor, these larger-than-life characters were burned into the minds of many young fans twenty years ago, and thanks the all-new tales by MVCreations, a whole new generation can take part in their epic adventure,” said CGE Director of Marketing and Communications Bill Rosemann. “Titles such as Masters of the Universe, Dragon’s Lair, and Space Ace are welcome additions to our line-up-and examples of how CrossGen is taking concrete steps to reach new audiences.”

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