In Every Fiber of His Being... He Is Truly The Dark Knight?
Date: Tuesday, April 01 @ 15:54:39 EST
Topic: Acquisition Info

So, I'm waking up today to Max Steel and Transformers Armada (On that "It could be Toonami: Rising Sun, but it's just a nameless block" block).

Kenshin Beyond? WTF is this? I grabbed my tape recorder (luckily, I had a lecture today) and recorded the audio.

I'm gonna guess this is Williams Street's prank on us... maybe that's why they couldn't make Endgame into a Total Immersion Event, they had to commission (what looked like) WB Animation to make a commercial for a fake series. Seriously, if you missed it, it was brand new animation. Kenshin goes from Manslayer to Dark Knight...

Source/Link: Tyler's being gracious enough for me to have the audio file here

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