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  Holy Bat-DVDs, Batman!
Posted on Saturday, February 01 @ 10:15:40 EST by KnuxFive

Release Info Columbia House will be releasing episodes of Batman: The Animated Series (possibly the greatest show to ever grace Toonami) in compilation discs. While part of the "TV Greats" line, the first disc will supposedly have "The Cat and the Claw", "Cat Scratch Fever", and "The Lion and the Unicorn".

Columbia House has already released episodes in VHS format, and they will still offer the WB discs.

Source: Toon Zone sounds like a Sonic the Hedgehog level...

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Re: Holy Bat-DVDs, Batman! (Score: 1)
by anthonyfiddy2 on Monday, June 09 @ 03:27:19 EDT
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