Toonami Schedule Special Edition- Sunday NBA All-Star Thingy
Date: Saturday, February 08 @ 10:15:33 EST
Topic: Toonami News

This week brings us... wait... can't use that line. This DAY brings us some special Toonami shows on the NBA All-Star special thingy.

Sunday, February 9th-
12:00 Superfriends
Joy Ride / Tiger On The Loose / Bully For You / Wonder Twins In Game Of Chicken
12:30 Thundercats
Mandora The Evil Chaser
1:00 Space Ghost / Dino Boy
Ovens of Moltar / Zorak / Looters
1:30 Godzilla
2:30 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Dragon's Brood
5:30 The Powerpuff Girls

Source: Cartoon Network

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Well... I'm not really sure if ALL those shows have aired on Toonami, but... they mighta aired during the Moltar or Powerzone days. Heck, one show HAS Moltar in it... Chances are likely that these don't have Toonami intros or anything, since they all have regular intros. But... from the commercials, we've seen that the NBA stars interview them, which would be interesting... if they were captured... to possibly be stored in a Digital Arsenal.

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