Batman finally comes out of the shadows
Date: Saturday, April 12 @ 04:21:06 EDT
Topic: Release Info

The episodes were revealed today on the new Batman: Animated Series DVD release due for the summer titles Out of the Shadows. They are Two-Face Parts 1 & 2, It's Never Too Late, and I've got Batman In My Basement. While not the strongest of the episodes of the series, they are at least giving us all what we wanted so we can't complain too loudly.

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Episode #10 - Two-Face: Part 1
"District Attorney Harvey Dent is hiding a deep dark secret. He has a second personality, that of Big Bad Harv, a hard nosed gangster. The situation gets worse when Rupert Thorne tries to blackmail him."

Episode #017 - Two-Face: Part 2
"Two Face begins an aggressive campaign against his hated rival, Rupert Thorne, who puts out a two-million dollar contract an him."

Episode #011 - It's Never Too Late
"An aging mob boss, Arnold Stromwell, is about to be rubbed out by a rival boss, Rupert Thorne. Batman saves Stromwell from Thorne's men and must keep the crime boss one step ahead of his enemies."

Episode #012 - I've Got Batman In My Basement
"While attempting to regain a stolen Faberge Egg from the Penguin, Batman is sprayed with nerve gas by the fowl fellow. Now unconscious, Batman is rescued by a 12-year-old aspiring detective who hides him in his basement."

Justice League: Paradise Lost

Episode #10 - Paradise Lost Part 1
"Wonder Woman returns home to Themyscira, only to find it in ruins, Felix Faust being responsible."

Episode #11 - Paradise Lost Part 2
"Wonder Woman, with help from her Justice League teammates, must save Themyscira from an evil god from the underworld."

Episode #12 - War World Part 1
"Superman is captured and taken to a world, where he must participate in vicious battles in order to survive."

Episode #13 - War World Part 2
"Superman must face down Mongul and Draaga to save himself and save Draaga's homeworld."

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