Dragonball Z Cell Games Saga Release
Date: Monday, February 09 @ 14:03:36 EST
Topic: Release Info

FUNimation Productions will be release the Cell Games Saga on DVD with a collectible Starter Box. The Box comes with DVDs 48 and 49, with DVD 50 coming out on March 23rd.

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FUNimation has recently released, for the first time ever, Cell Games Saga on DVD with collectible Starter Box! Tons of fans have asked, “Will the entire Cell Games Saga be released on DVD?” FUNimation’s answer: “Of Course!!!” FUNimation has released the Dragon Ball Z Cell Games Starter Set including DVD 48 & 49. The Box is to be completed with each additional release of the saga. Look for Dragon Ball Z DVD 50: Guardian’s Return on 3/23/04! Go to your local retailer today to get the DVDs that will complete your Dragon Ball Z Collection before the collectable box runs out!

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