Give a Ray of Hope.
Date: Friday, December 05 @ 11:04:53 EST
Topic: Soapbox

No, Toonami's not getting it's third hour after all. It's not getting some brand spanking new show. This post is about helping your fellow gamer and children in pain.

I'm sure a number of you read Penny-Arcade and know about their drive to bring Toys (and gaming) to the sick children at the Seattle Children's Hospital. They call it Child's Play.
Michael Thomas, the PA reader who has been helping them had this to say:
Now I understand what all of the anti-videogame people meant when they said children raised on games would grow up abnormal. They were right, we'd all grow up with really big hearts.

Feel the love, you can either go to the Child's Play website, the Penny-Arcade homepage, or straight to the wish list.

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