Toonami Related Shows for the week of December 16th
Date: Saturday, December 14 @ 19:54:37 EST
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This is the episode schedule for shows related to Toonami. Powerpuff Girls, Zoids, etc. and shows that appeared on schedules like Justice League, Samurai Jack, and Max Steel. Also, He-Man and Armada, as they aren't always on Toonami.

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MS= Max Steel
ZCC= Zoids Chaotic Century
Z0= Zoids New Century/Zero
PPG= The Powerpuff Girls
Ham= Hamtaro
BB= Batman Beyond
JQ= The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
JL= Justice League
SJ= Samurai Jack
MOTU= He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
TFA= Transformers Armada
MSG= Mobile Suit Gundam
0080= Gundam 0080
SF= Superfriends

6:00 MS- Shadows
6:30 ZCC- Longest Night of the Republic
7:30 PPG- Getting Twiggy With It/ Cop Out
10:30 Ham- Search for Sandy's Brother
3:00 Z0- The Shadow Fox: Brad's Betrayal
3:30 BB- Once Burned

5:00 JQ- The Robot Spies
6:00 MS- Seraphim
6:30 ZCC- Defense of the City
7:30 PPG- Jewel of the Aisle/ Super Zeroes
10:30 Ham- Bijou's Favorite Ribbon
3:00 Z0- Harry's Disaster: Dr. Laon Traps Toros!
3:30 BB- Hooked Up

5:00 JQ- More Than Zero
6:00 MS- Snow Blind
6:30 ZCC- Prozen's Conspiracy
7:30 PPG- Three Girls And A Monster/ Monkey See, Doggy Two
10:30 Ham- Get Well, Laura
3:00 Z0- The Dragon Under the Sea: In Search of the Ultimate X
3:30 BB- Rats

5:00 JQ- Other Space
6:00 MS- Sharks
6:30 ZCC- Resurrection Monster
7:30 PPG- Candy is Dandy/ Catastrophe
10:30 Ham- Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth!
3:00 Z0- The Dragon Awakens: The Berserk Fury Enters The Fray
3:30 BB- Mind Games

5:00 JQ- Digital Double Cross
6:00 MS- Sabres
6:30 ZCC- Charged Particle Gun
7:30 PPG- Hot Air Buffon/ Ploys R' Us
10:30 Ham- Slipper Chase
3:00 Z0- Tournament of Heroes: The Royal Cup
3:30 BB- Revenant
10:30 PPG- Superfriends
11:30 SJ- XXVI

5:00 JQ- Thoughtscape
12:00 JL- Brave and the Bold Part 1
12:30 JL- Brave and the Bold Part 2
9:00 SJ- XXI
9:30 JL- A Knight of Shadows Part 2
10:00 MOTU- Mystery of Anwat Gar
10:30 TFA- Gail
1:00 0080- War in the Pocket
1:30 MSG- Battle of Odessa

5:00 SF- Brainchild/ Case of Stolen Powers
6:30 PPG- Getting Twiggy With It/ Cop Out
7:00 JL- War World Part 1
7:30 SJ- XIX

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