Schedule Change Today: Bye Jack, Hello Justice League
Date: Sunday, October 19 @ 23:25:57 EDT
Topic: Schedules

Welcome to October where the ratings necessity of the holiday advertising season forces schedule changes on a whim. Similar to the "Batman Beyond" situation last year, "Samurai Jack" only lasted 2 weeks on the block. At least it isn't being replaced by a next day repeat of "Dragonball." While it will be sad to see Jack go, at least we get something decent in return...

"Justice League" Season 2

Originally this was supposed to start in November, but it has been bumped up by two weeks. So far these episodes have only been seen on Saturdays and thus, Toonami is getting the first weekday run of these episodes, not CN primetime. For the full schedule click "Read More"

[Source: Turner Broadcasting]

Toonami Premieres in Bold, All Times Eastern

Monday through Thursday:

5.0 PM - SD Gundam - Season 1, 2nd Toonami Run
5.5 PM - Justice League - Season 2
6.0 PM - Transformers Armada - Returning Toonami Show
6.5 PM - Dragonball - Piccolo Saga, American Television Premiere


5.0 PM - SD Gundam - Season 1, 2nd Toonami Run
5.5 PM - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Season 2
6.0 PM - Transformers Aramda - American Television Premiere
6.5 PM - Hot Wheels Highway 35 - Toonami Premiere

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