Let's Play a Penalty Game... coulda been Toonami?
Date: Thursday, April 10 @ 21:54:35 EDT
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Huh... this is one of those "What If?" stories.

Apparently, FUNimation originally wanted to get Yu-Gi-Oh!. They even registered yu-gi-oh.net, but 4Kids Entertainment acquired it.

Naturally, FUNimation has a great record with Cartoon Network, and the fact that many Toonami shows have originated from Shonen Jump wouldn't hurt.

Read more for a "What If?" scenario.

Source: MDawg957 of the Toon Zone Boards, who found the registration

As you may or may not know, Yugi didn't always play Duel Monsters. In the original season, Yugi turned dark to play "Penalty Games" with people who... well... p*ssed him off. Seriously, read Shonen Jump, he once lit a guy on fire.

Say FUNimation picked up the series. Airing the marketable series on Toonami nigh-uncut, we'd be watching the adventures of Yugi Mutou, Honda, Anzu, and Jonouchi, instead of Yugi Moto, Tristan, Téa, and Joey.

I've always been somewhat fond of Yu-Gi-Oh...

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