New stuff coming down the pike?
Date: Friday, July 11 @ 22:39:09 EDT
Topic: Acquisition Info

...what exactly IS a "pike"?

Anyways... here's the list of recent acquisitions.

FUNimation- Detective Conan. This'd probably go to Toonami if it came to TV.

Bandai- .hack//DUSK, Dragon Drive, Galaxy Angel, Gundam F91, Taruto, Stratos 4, Tenshi no Shippo, Zeta Gundam, Yukikaze, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Along Complex, Wolf's Rain, and two brand new episodes of .hack//SIGN. Some of these could easily fit Toonami, some are far crys. But, who knows.

Pioneer- Texhnolyze, Gungrave, Samurai Champloo, and Read or Die. Same with Bandai, some is very possible, some is very unlikely.

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