Cardcaptors, Tenchi, Sailor Moon get new life?
Date: Tuesday, October 07 @ 10:21:35 EDT
Topic: Release Info

Not really.

Geneon, the renamed Pioneer, will be releasing a "Signature Series", somewhat of a DVD "Player's Choice" or the like, just without any packaging differences. Among the rereleases, there will be...

Cardcaptors: Volume 1, $14.98
Sailor Moon R: The Movie, $19.98
Sailor Moon S: The Movie, $19.98
Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie, $19.98
Tenchi The Movie: Tenchi Muyo! In Love, $14.98
Tenchi Universe: Volume 1, $19.98
Tenchi In Tokyo: Volume 1, $19.98

Source: Animé on DVD

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