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  Jack in! Rumors.EXE, activate!
Posted on Thursday, January 23 @ 12:03:02 EST by KnuxFive

Acquisition Info Rockman.EXE, the anim series based off the hit Gameboy Advance games of the same name, will be coming to America sometime this year, thanks to Viz Communications/ShoPro USA. The news was broken by Hamtaro's producer in a Newtype USA interview.

Due to Hamtaro's airing on Toonami, and the upcoming games, chances are that Megaman Battle Network (The english dub) could come to American television, if not Toonami.

Click "Read More" to do what it says.

Megaman Battle Network is the latest incarnation of Megaman. Featured in two GBA RPGs, there's a Gamecube game (Megaman Battle Network Transmission, a 2D side scroller with 3D cel-shaded graphics) and two versions of a GBA game (Megman Battle Network 3, in Blue and White versions, another RPG) coming out later this year.

In the future, everything is connected to the Internet. Users access it through their Net Navis, digital friends that can traverse the Internet. Net Battles are held for pride and protection. Lan is a regular boy with the help of his Net Navi, Megaman.EXE, just might be destined for greatness. They will have to team up with human friends and their NetNavis, mainly Protoman.EXE and Roll.EXE, to fight World Three, an evil organization led by Dr. Wily, bent on destroying the Internet.

The series could very well be destined for Toonami. It's marketable, it's action, it's adventure, it's anime, and it's not Adult. Since ShoPro is releasing it, it's even very likely.

Sources: Animation Insider for point out that it was in Newtype USA, and thanks to John Crichton's Japan Hero for reminding me about the games. So sue me, I never finished 2.

Note- Anonymous, we got your submission... ironically after I made the stroy. Well, thanks anyway.

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