Saturday Video Entertainment System... part of Toonami?
Date: Sunday, March 30 @ 11:24:55 EST
Topic: Soapbox

I'm sorry for ranting like this, but...

I think we should all accept SVES as part of Toonami. While lacking TOM3, the Absolution, custom intros, etc... the shows ARE Toonami. Don't believe me? Read more.

I'm just kinda ticked that, for some reason, people don't see SVES as working with a Toonami site/board/etc, even though the ENTIRE BLOCK has been on a Toonami at one point...

Click "Read More" for proof...

Transformers Armada- Premeired on Toonami.
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe- Premeired on Toonami.
.hack//SIGN- Premiered on Toonami: Super Saturdays.
GI Joe- Part of the final Toonami: Midnight Run.
Jackie Chan Adventures- Part of Kids' WB Toonami.
X-Men: Evolution- Part of Kids' WB Toonami (I think.)
Superfriends- It's been on Toonami some time...
Pokémon- Part of Kids' WB Toonami.
Samurai Jack- Guested on Toonami: Super Saturdays.
Gundam 0080- Toonami: Midnight Run Exclusive.
Dragonball- Premiered on Toonami.
G Gundam- Premiered on Toonami.
Yu-Gi-Oh!- Part of Kids' WB Toonami.

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