Can't play Budokai? Want another Legend? There are solutions...
Date: Monday, January 20 @ 19:07:03 EST
Topic: Release Info

Sad that you're stuck with a PSone? Want a new game for the upcoming GBASP (Which'll still play on GBA)?

Apparently, Dragonball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 is set to be released in America for the PSone on March 26th. I wouldn't be surprised at a name change, but it hasn't been stated. It WILL be in english, naturally. Also, Dragonball Z Legacy II: Future Shock will be out on June 25th for the GBA.

This also might be the only chance to mention it, so... don't forget, there is a Gundam Battle Assault 2 PSone game out there. It's very under-advertised, rarely reviewed (Anyone know of a review?), and probably good and cheap.

Remember: All normal GBA/GBC/GB games can be played on the GBASP and the Gamecube GBP, and the majority of PSone games can be played on the PS2.

Source: Bobcat of the Dragonball Toys.Com Message Board.

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