Toonami Related Comics for Tue, April 9th
Date: Tuesday, April 08 @ 21:51:49 EDT
Topic: Release Info

From Dragonball and Transformers to Masters of the Universe and Battle of the Planets, Toonami-related comics have kinda hit a revival.

This week brings us lots of DC stuff and some giant robot love, with Transformers Armada and Gundam.

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Source: Diamond Comic Distributors

Adventures of Superman
Issue #615, $2.25

Issue #5, $2.50

Batgirl: Year One
Issue #5 of 9, $2.95

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
Issue #166, $2.50

Gotham Central
Issue #6, $2.50

Harley Quinn
Issue #31, $2.50

Superman and Batman: Generations III
Issue #4 of 12, $2.95

Issue #70, $4.99

Gundam: The Origin
Issue #5, $7.95

Transformers Armada
Issue #10, $2.95

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