Don't mess with Texas... they have some Toonami stuff...
Date: Thursday, April 10 @ 21:42:40 EDT
Topic: Etc.

It's not "prancing", Tyler, it's Spring Break. So I'm in the Lone Star state, and I saw some stuff...

- Dragonball Z: Super Battle sucks. Played it in the arcade... got my butt kicked by Future Trunks.

- Seems that Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report has been released (Or rereleased, I dunno) on DVD with the tagline, "You've seen the series on Cartoon Network!" or something like that.

- I swear, cable universally hates Toonami. They always seem to screw Toonami for me. Either it's overrunning the latest Toonami promo with Bellsouth or Prudential Life Insurance... or possibly the most infuriating thing ever. Final episode of Dragonball Z. I'm watching, and it get's near the end. The narrator kicks in, "Goku, the young orphan from another planet- EMERGENCY BROADCAST TEST. THIS IS A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM. BREEEP BREEEP." What did the narrator say at the end?

- Just to let y'all know... Book Stan' has a good backlog of "Cartoon Network Presents..." comics...

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