Dragonball GT DVDs announced...
Date: Friday, January 17 @ 09:14:47 EST
Topic: Release Info

Sad that DBZ is ending? Well, on April 15 you can pick up "Baby- Affliction" and "Baby- Incubation", while on May 20th you can grab "Baby- Creation" and "Baby- Proliferation", the first four titles of Dragonball GT (16 episodes?).

... I wonder if that's a new naming scheme... with all the "ions". Just imagine the confusion (ha!) when kids wonder what happened to "Z", see a child Goku, and think it's just Dragonball.

Speaking of that, a new Dragonball feature ("The Path to Power") and a DBZ World Tournament Saga Box set coming out on April 29th and 22nd, respectively.

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