Toonami gets higher ratings. Masses stunned.
Date: Wednesday, April 09 @ 21:32:54 EDT
Topic: Ratings

The network's signature action-adventure, Toonami (Monday-Friday, 5-7 p.m.), led afternoon delivery and ratings to double-digit gains, particularly among tweens 9-14.  Tweens 9-14 delivery (697,000) grew by 44%, and ratings (2.8) by 40%.  Boys 9-14 delivery (626,000) increased by 61%, and ratings (4.9) by 58%.  Japanese animé import Dragon Ball Z (5:30 p.m.) was the most-watched program in its time period on all cable television with kids 9-14 (966,000, up 87%).  On Thursday, it also scored as the most-watched program to date this year with boys 9-14 (1,009,000, up 166%).
Rating period:  3/31/03 - 4/6/03

Source: The Horse's Mouth.

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