And the monkey shall rule, SUPREME!!!!! *insert insane cackling here*
Date: Wednesday, March 12 @ 18:31:25 EST
Topic: Toonami News

Cartoon Network has scheduled a 15-hour "April Fools Day Monkey Marathon" for April 1, airing from 8am to 11pm (ET/PT).

That's right folks, 15 hours of beautiful, beautiful monkeys. You might be thinking, what 8am to 11pm, isn't Toonami somewhere in there? Yes, yes it is. Sadly for all you anti-monkey loving Toonami liking folk, Tom will not be making in appearance... unless they turn him into a monkey. That'd be sweet.

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The marathon will consist of a broad mix of cartoons, each one prominently featuring a monkey, an ape, a chimpanzee, or some other lower primate. Among the series and episodes to air: the Bugs Bunny cartoons "Gorilla My Dreams," "Hurdy Gurdy Hare," and "Apes of Wrath"; the Space Ghost episode "Planet of the Space Monkeys"; and episodes from The Banana Splits that feature Bingo the Gorilla in a starring role.

Grape Ape, Magilla Gorilla, Mojo Jojo, and Monkey (from Dexter's Laboratory) will also take star turns. There will also be classic monkey-centric episodes of The Flintstones, Josie & The Pussycats and Super Friends.

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