Pepito's Army Infiltrates MIT!
Date: Friday, April 25 @ 23:34:15 EDT
Topic: M.H.G

The wrath of Pepito is felt far and wide.
On Wednesday, the great minds of MIT were no match for the obscenely excessive forces of Pepito's lawn gnome army.
They have taken a Linux cluster as their main base of communications and are currently raiding dorms for beer, pizza and anime.
On the linked page, you can see Pepito's pawns on spooky-gaze watch duty, interfacing with the seized computer equipment, and partaking in some R&R.
GNome Oak Military Ensemble banners have been raised everywhere, and all Gnome Exterminator businesses have been razed.
This is yet another victory in a long, expected line of triumphs of Pepito.
As always, if you want to survive a surely upcoming invasion, be sure to pledge your loyalty to Pepito every day. Save yourself. Tell others.

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