Toonami-Related Schedule for the Week of July 21st
Date: Monday, July 21 @ 14:03:39 EDT
Topic: Schedules

2 hours of Toonami just isn't enough. The greatest action cartoons on the planet need to stretch, and while we lack a Rising Sun anymore, the warriors have assembled outside Toonami.

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Monday, July 21st
6.0 Zoids: New Century/Zero- Red Rival: LaonToros Returns!
6.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe- Mekaneck's Lament
9.5 Jackie Chan Adventures- Doggie & Piggy Show
10.0 Samurai Jack- XXXV
10.5 X-Men: Evolution- Self Possessed
12.0 The Big O- Beck Comes Back

Tuesday, July 22nd
6.0 Zoids: New Century/Zero- Warriors On Vacation: The Storm Sworders
6.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe- Night of the Shadowbeasts
9.5 Jackie Chan Adventures- Jade Monkey
10.0 Samurai Jack- XXXVI
10.5 X-Men: Evolution- Under Lock and Key
12.0 The Big O- Winter Night Phantom

Wednesday, July 23rd
6.0 Zoids: New Century/Zero- Love on The Battlefield: My Love, the Judge
6.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe- Underworld
9.5 Jackie Chan Adventures- Tiger and the Pussycat
10.0 Samurai Jack- XXXIX
10.5 X-Men: Evolution- Strategy X
12.0 The Big O- Daemonseed

Thursday, July 24th
6.0 Zoids: New Century/Zero- The Third Conversion: Zero Panzer's Debut!
6.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe- Monster Within
9.5 Jackie Chan Adventures- Day of the Dragon
10.0 Samurai Jack- XL
10.5 X-Men: Evolution- X-Impulse
12.0 The Big O- Enemy Is Another Big!

Friday, July 25th
6.0 Zoids: New Century/Zero- The Shadow Fox: Brad's Betrayal
6.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe- Mystery Of Anwat Gar

Saturday, July 26th
12.0 Teen Titans- Final Exam
12.5 Justice League- Legends: Part 1
7.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe- Ties That Bind
8.0 Samurai Jack- XXXII
8.5 Transformers Armada- Palace
9.0 Teen Titans- Sisters
10.0 Rurouni Kenshin- Wake Up Now!
10.5 Mobile Fighter G Gundam- Challenge! Mysterious Masked Fighter
11.5 Samurai Jack- XXX
12.0 .hack//SIGN- Phantom
12.5 GI Joe- Eau de Cobra
1.0 Batman: The Animated Series- Mean Seasons
1.5 Superman: The Animated Series- Mxyzpixilated

Sunday, July 27th
10.0 Teen Titans- Sisters
10.5 X-Men: Evolution- Rogue Recruit

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