The Fall Outlook- Version 1
Date: Thursday, August 07 @ 13:14:22 EDT
Topic: Etc.

Toonami's got a bunch of stuff coming down the pike. To recap it, we're doing this mini-special news post.

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SD Gundam Force-
Formerly titled "Superior Defender", this American-made Gundam series premieres September 1st at 5.0 PM. The action figures and model kits are already available; check your local stores.

Cyborg 009-
Season 1 is being reaired as we speak, but expect CN to acquire Season 2 for sometime LATE this year or early next.

Dragonball Z-
With Season 3 currently airing, the only new stuff from the Z Saga to air comes in the form of Inflight Movies. Bardock: The Father of Goku kicks off the returning movie slot, followed by The History of Trunks, Cooler's Revenge, and The Return of Cooler. Lord Slug may air in October.

Justice League-
After airing Twilight, the Season 2 premiere in August, the League will go back to the beginning before being kicked off in September.

Season 3 premieres Monday, September 1st at 6.5. These will probably be the final episodes of Goku as a child.

Yu-Yu Hakusho-
Seasons 1 and 2 will reair until being taken off in September. Season 3 might premiere in winter.

Immortal Grand Prix-
This series of shorts will premiere sometime on Toonami, sometime in the fall.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars-
In November, these will reair at 5.0.

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