Toonami's Next Total Immersion Event
Date: Monday, June 30 @ 16:07:57 EDT
Topic: Toonami News

Well, this is official word that Sara will be back in the Toonami universe, and there's an 11 minute "Episode 5". Sounds a lot better than the five one-minute-long blips we had before...

Toonami Total Immersion Event (name TBA)
Monday, September 15th - Friday, September 19th ET/PT
Toonami will roll out its fourth integrated on-air, on-line stunt. Tom and Sara will begin an adventure on-air through a series of one-minute interstitals Monday through Thursday, culminating in an 11 minute CGI adventure on Friday. Viewers will also be directed to an online game and a full-length comic expanding on the on-air story. Toonami will also premiere new episodes of Dragonball during the week.

Source: Matt Wilson's eagle eyes, or his rapid-fire mouse.

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