Now you know, and knowing is half the battle! YO JOE!
Date: Thursday, March 13 @ 12:14:54 EST
Topic: Acquisition Info

Animation Insider Reports: Hasbro held a giant press event on March 12th, and offered people a look into their four big properties for 2003: Transformers, Zoids, GI Joe, and Star Wars.

American Dream Comics was on hand at the event, and webmaster Jay reports that a new GI Joe series has been announced for Cartoon Network at the event.

Read more for a bit more detail.

Details are scarce at the moment, but reportedly, CN will also be airing the new 44 minute GI Joe movie that we reported about earlier, sometime later in the year.

Both the movie and the new TV series will be CGI, and based off of the highly-discussed CGI commercials that have been circulating since mid-2002.

There is no official confirmation from Cartoon Network regarding this news. When confirmed it probably would either air on Toonami or on SVES.

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