Toonami Related Panels at Comic-Con 2003
Date: Thursday, July 10 @ 03:42:18 EDT
Topic: Toonami News

America's largest comics and popular arts convention runs Thursday July 17th through Sunday July 20th in San Diego. The schedule for all four days has now been announced and here are the events that could have Toonami related news. Especially of note are panels by Bandai, Pioneer and TokyoPop, a Gundam specific panel and an entire panel dedicated to SD Gundam. Click "Read More" for the complete schedule of Toonami related panels.

Source: San Diego Comic-Con 2003


3:30–4:30 Bandai Entertainment— Wanna know what's going on with your favorite anime series like .hack//SIGN, Gundam, Witch Hunter Robin? Then come check out the Bandai Entertainemnt panel. As the premier distributor of Japanese animation in North America, Bandai will be making several new anime licensing acquisitions, merchandise announcements, and DVD release announcements. DVDs and T-shirts will be given away throughout the panel! Room 9

- Gundam = Toonami, .hack//SIGN has been on Toonami as well as many other Bandai shows.

4:30–5:30 Pioneer Entertainment Presents— If you buy anime DVDs, chances are likely that you may own a Pioneer Entertainment title. As one of the most prominent producers and distributors of anime in the marketplace, Pioneer has released fan-favorite smash hits such as Tenchi Muyo!, Trigun, lain, Chobits and Hellsing, just to name a few. Company representatives will be on hand to give you the lowdown on the next wave of Pioneer's upcoming video and CD releases, including can't-miss titles like Heat Guy J, Haibane Renmei, Last Exile, and much more! Room 3

- They gave us Tenchi and they still have a good relationship with Cartoon Network as Trigun is currently on Adult Swim.


10:30–11:30 Robotech— Harmony Gold staff members Tommy Yune (Speed Racer, Danger Girl Kamikaze), Steve Yun (, and Tom Bateman (Robotech: Battlecry) shares news about past, current, and future Robotech projects. Room 6A

- It was an early Toonami show that recently made an appearance on Giant Robot Week.

11:30–12:30 Transformers— Attention Transformers fans! Join the writers of The Original Transformers for an in-depth discussion about the legendary animated series. Featuring Flint Dille, Marv Wolfman, Buzz Dixon, and Earl Kress, who will share their experiences and insights on creating animation history. Sponsored by Rhino Home Video, bringing you The Transformers on DVD. Room 6A

- Although it doesn't sound likely, there could be some Armada or Energon news.

1:30–2:30 Tokyopop Industy Insiders Panel—Be the first to get the buzz on Tokyopop's newly licensed 2004 titles! Plus, meet some of the Rising Stars of Manga winners and get an insider's look at the American manga/anime industry through the eyes of special guest creators: Studio Tavicat, Terrence Walker and Ahmed Hoke. Room 2

- There is probably a good chance of info on Groove Adventure Rave here.

2:30–3:30 What’s Next for Gundam— Calling all Gundam fans! Check out what's in store for the Gundam property here in North America. Representatives from Bandai America's toy, anime, and videogame divisions will all be on hand. Here's your chance to take a look at the future of Gundam and what you can expect to see hitting TV soon. There will be DVD and toy giveaways throughout the panel. Room 9

- If it's Gundam it has a chance of being on Toonami.

4:00–6:00 Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman Animated Premiere— For years the people of Gotham City have asked, "Who is he?" Now they'll be asking, "Who is she?" Find out as Batman uncovers the secret identity of a ruthless vigilante who calls herself Batwoman! Catch the world premiere screening of the animated Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, followed by a panel discussion featuring the creative team of Curt Geda, director/producer; Kevin Conroy, voice of Batman; Alan Burnett, supervising producer; and Michael Reeves, screenwriter. Room 6A

- All the other Batman movies have aired on Toonami.

6:00–7:30 Cartoon Network: Star Wars: Clone Wars— Star Wars Day at Comic-Con concludes with this sneak peek at a new facet of the legend: On Friday, November 10, Cartoon Network unveils Star Wars: Clone Wars, an epic microseries from Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack. Star Wars: Clone Wars continues the saga where the live action feature film Star Wars: Episode II, Attack of the Clones left off—at the beginning of the Clone Wars, an epic civil war that pits the old Republic against a vast separatist movement led by the forces of evil. As Clone Wars unfolds, the valiant Jedi Knights lead the Republic’s Clone Army against many new and ruthless adversaries across the galaxy. These new characters, epic battles and intricate stories will add an exciting new dimension to the Star Wars saga. Panelists include Genndy Tartakovsky, producer/director; Paul Rudish, art director; Scott Wills, art director, Bryan Andrews, storyboard artist; and Mark Andrews, storyboard artist. Room 6CDEF

- Some of these could air during Toonami.


5:30–7:00 Cartoon Network: Adult Swim— This panel will highlight the creative talent and voice actors behind the original programs on Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s successful block of animation for grown-ups. Moderating the panel will be Cartoon Network senior vice president Mike Lazzo, who is responsible for Adult Swim. Panelists include Brett Butler (Sealab 2021), Clay Croker (Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brak Show), Maurice LaMarche (Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law), Andy Merrill (The Brak Show), Adam Reed (Sealab 2021), Brendon Small (Home Movies). and Dave Willis (Aqua Teen Hunger Force). Room 6A

- The good folks of Williams St., the division that also brings you Toonami.


11:30–12:30 Bandai: Superior Defender— The Gundam franchise took the world by storm in 1999 with the broadcast of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network. Now, a new series is set to launch that will entertain young and old Gundam fans alike: Superior Defender! Get the scoop on the television series, planned merchandise, action figures, and model kits. Room 9

- What would Toonami be without a yearly Gundam series?

- Awhile back word had it that there would be a Toonami panel this year, but it doesn't seem to be on the list.

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