Toonami Schedule Change
Date: Sunday, September 28 @ 23:03:10 EDT
Topic: Schedules

Starting today the Absolution broadcasts a brand new line-up. However, the most significant change is probably what isn't on the schedule, Dragonball Z. For the first time since it started on the block the show will not be part of the regular Toonami schedule. What do you get instead? World premiere episodes of SD Gundam, the Toonami premiere of Samurai Jack, unseen on the block since last winter episodes of Transformers Armada and American television premiere Dragonball episodes. For more information click "Read More"

Toonami: Monday - Thursday

All Times Eastern

5.0 PM - SD Gundam
5.5 PM - Samurai Jack
6.0 PM - Transformers Armada
6.5 PM - Dragonball

This line-up is currently scheduled to run throughout the end of October at least, but the schedule is always subject to change.

(Watch Samurai Jack - it's good!)

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