The Real Deal- September and October
Date: Thursday, August 07 @ 14:58:33 EDT
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Alright, the joy of Press Releases. Contrary to what we've told you earlier, we've got some NEW facts.

Total Immersion Event/IGPX-
Not focusing on TOM for once (I have a feeling he'll be SOMEWHAT involved), this year's TIE is Immortal Grand Prix, a series of 5-minute shorts airing the week of September 15th. Watch the shorts, play the game, get a cToon.

Airing at 5.30, not 6.30.

Dragonball GT-
Joins the block at 6.30 on October 3rd.

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Source: Cartoon Network Press Release

Toonami Gets Set for Immortal Grand Prix September 15-19 Week-Long Total Immersion Event Integrates Cartoon Network and On Monday, September 15, Cartoon Network delivers its latest "total immersion event" - Toonami: Immortal Grand Prix (IGPX). Airing daily September 15-19 during Toonami (5-7 p.m.), Cartoon Network's action-adventure programming block, IGPX will feature a new 5-minute episode each day. Produced by Cartoon Network and Production IG, the well-known Japanese production studio that created Ghost in the Shell the story of the 12th Immortal Grand Prix concludes on Friday, September 19. Throughout the week, Toonami fans will be able to go online to watch episodes and play the new IGPX game, which incorporates characters from the on-air story.

It is the year 2035. Team Suzaku and Team Sledge Mamma are preparing to meet in the final round of the 12th Immortal Grand Prix (IGPX). Takeshi leads Team Suzaku, which is made-up of a group of young amateur pilots who must make the most of their limited funds and weaponry in order to prepare for the competition designed for professionals. Team Sledge Mamma consists of three professional, cybernetic opponents who are known to be merciless and have remained undefeated throughout this year's competition.

Each IGPX battle matches two teams with 3 Mechs, high tech fighting machines. Utilizing any form of weaponry within the regulated weight limit, the pilots of these fighting machines must defeat all of the Mechs belonging to the opposition. The pilots are protected from injury during battle in a Hide Shell. Once a Mech is significantly damaged during competition, the Hide Shell is ejected. After achieving 12 victories in previous rounds, two teams advance to the championship competition.

Cartoon will unveil an all-new IGPX game to coincide with the on-air event. Sponsored by PlayStation: Jak II, IGPX is a tactical fighting game that places fans in the driver's seat of a team of three IGPX mobile fighters. After successfully defeating one of the IGPX teams, registrants will receive either a Team Suzaku or Team Sledge Mamma Orbit cRing.

Throughout September and October, Cartoon Network will premiere new episodes and series during Toonami. On Monday, September 1, SD Gundam will premiere at 5 p.m. (ET, PT), followed by new episodes of Dragon Ball at 5:30 p.m. (ET, PT). Every Friday at 6 p.m. (ET, PT) for four consecutive weeks beginning September 5, Cartoon Network will present Dragonball Z movies that have never been seen before on U.S. television. Another new series, Dragonball GT will air Fridays at 6:30 p.m. (ET, PT), beginning October 3.

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