''Astro Boy'' Season 2 on Toonami in June
Date: Monday, April 05 @ 09:45:42 EDT
Topic: Schedules

Sega was previously planning to release Astro Boy games for the Gameboy Advance and Playstation 2 in the upcoming months, but those have now been delayed. Instead, they will now be shipped in August or September to build off of the premiere of the next season of Astro Boy on Toonami in June. The first 12 Astro Boy episodes aired on Toonami in June.

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While initially Kids WB tried to create a lot of hype for Astro Boy, the network seemed to quickly lose interest. Only 3 episodes premiered on Saturday mornings and there are no known plans at the moment for the show to return to that line-up. Instead, Kids WB will run Astro Boy episodes that have premiered on Toonami for a couple weeks in the afternoons.

While this may be wishful thinking, if the primary outlet for Astro Boy becomes Toonami instead of Kids WB, perhaps Sony will edit future episodes more in line with Toonami standards. The episodes on Kids WB currently have changed music, a changed aspect ratio and content edits. Compared to other Toonami fare, the show is not all that violent and thus Astro Boy could potentially run uncut on Toonami.

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