New Horizons, not just for Toonami...
Date: Tuesday, March 11 @ 20:07:04 EST
Topic: Etc.

Well, we all know how Jaime Kellner has left, and Mr. Clark... err... Philip Kent has taken the reigns of Turner Broadcasting.

Thanks to our good pal Jeff Harris' sleuthing (I couldn't find any article...), we've found out that Philip has split up Turner Broadcasting into three branches-


Click the little "Read More" link to do what it says and see the EDITED info...

Yes, Animation has it's own third of the Turner Broadcasting pie. Now, I don't know if things are evenly split, but I think if it has it's own branch seperate from Entertainment. Naturally, this can only mean good things for Cartoon Network and that little block we all love. Possibly an American CNX? Who knows, but CNX would be better than Boomerang...

EDIT- Ooops... apparently it's just in market sales. Still, the fact that it's a third...

Source: The man... the myth... the legend... Jeff Harris' own CNX: Toonami Revolution along with Animation Insider

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