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  Toonami-Related Episode Guide for the Week of June 9th
Posted on Monday, June 09 @ 12:25:18 EDT by KnuxFive

Schedules Here is the schedule for Toonami shows outside of the block. Every show on the Saturday Video Entertainment System has some connection.

Sorry for the lateness, but I have a feeling these things go unread. I'm guessing new .hack//SIGN, Hamtaro, and Samurai Jack...

"Read More" for the episode guide for the episodes airing this week.

Source: Cartoon Network

Monday, June 9th
6.0 Transformers Armada
6.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Deep End
7.0 Hamtaro
Jingle, the Wanderer
9.0 Pokmon
Showdown At Dark City
9.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Candy Is Dandy/Catastrophe
2.0 Hamtaro
Who Stole My Shoe
3.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Three Girls and a Monster/Monkey See, Doggy Two
7.0 The Powerpuff Girls
All Chalked Up
9.0 Pokmon
Ghost Of Maiden's Peak
9.5 Jackie Chan Adventures
King and Jade
10.0 Samurai Jack
10.5 X-Men: Evolution

Tuesday, June 10th
6.0 Transformers Armada
6.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
7.0 Hamtaro
Wise Elder-Ham
9.0 Pokmon
Princess vs. Princess
9.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Hot Air Buffon/Ploys R' Us
2.0 Hamtaro
Keeping Promises
3.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Candy Is Dandy/Catastrophe
7.0 The Powerpuff Girls
Get Back Jojo
9.0 Pokmon
Bye Bye Butterfree
9.5 Jackie Chan Adventures
Enter the Cat
10.0 Samurai Jack
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Survival of the Fittest

Wednesday, June 11th
6.0 Transformers Armada
6.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Siren's Song
7.0 Hamtaro
Bijou's in Danger
9.0 Pokmon
Purr-fect Hero
9.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Helter Shelter/Power Lunch
2.0 Hamtaro
Very Best Present
3.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Hot Air Buffon/Ploys R' Us
7.0 The Powerpuff Girls
Him Diddle Riddle
9.0 Pokmon
Abra And The Psychic Showdown
9.5 Jackie Chan Adventures
Pleasure Cruise
10.0 Samurai Jack
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Shadowed Past

Thursday, June 12th
6.0 Transformers Armada
6.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Ties That Bind
7.0 Hamtaro
Let's Dance, Sandy
9.0 Pokmon
Riddle Me This
9.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Power Professor
2.0 Hamtaro
How to Rescue a Wedding
3.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Helter Shelter/Power Lunch
7.0 The Powerpuff Girls
9.0 Pokmon
Haunter vs. Kadabra
9.5 Jackie Chan Adventures
Chosen One
10.0 Samurai Jack
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Grim Reminder

Friday, June 13th
6.0 Max Steel
6.5 Transformers Armada
Dragon's Brood
7.0 Hamtaro
Search for Sandy's Brother
9.0 Pokmon
Volcanic Panic
9.5 The Powerpuff Girls
The Headsucker's Moxy/Equal Fights
2.0 Hamtaro
Office Adventure
3.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Power Professor
9.0 The Powerpuff Girls
Forced Kin

Saturday, June 14th
8.5 The Powerpuff Girls
12.0 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Mystery Of Anwat Gar
12.5 Transformers Armada
Past II
1.0 Hamtaro
Merry Christmas!

Saturday Video Entertainment System
7.0 Pokmon
Battle Of The Badge
7.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
8.0 Samurai Jack
XL (Huh? What episode number is THAT?)
8.5 Jackie Chan Adventures
The J-Team: Part 2
9.0 X-Men: Evolution
9.5 Yu-Gi-Oh!
Arena of Lost Souls: Part 1
10.0 Yu Yu Hakusho
Kuwabara, A Promise Between Men
10.5 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Reunion in the Falling Rain
11.0 Transformers Armada
11.5 Samurai Jack
12.0 .hack//SIGN
12.5 GI Joe
Satellite Down
1.0 Batman: The Animated Series
Joker's Millions
1.5 Superman: The Animated Series
Two's A Crowd

Sunday, June 15th
8.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Power Professor
2.0 The Powerpuff Girls
Pet Feud/Supper Villain
4.0 The Powerpuff Girls
Telephonies/Cat Man Do
6.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Film Flam
10.0 Samurai Jack
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
The Cauldron: Part 1

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