This is the end, beautiful friend...
Date: Thursday, March 13 @ 17:48:09 EST
Topic: Toonami News

--Toonami Operations Module Version 2.0--
A replacement in the TOM Series,
He will be missed.
Activation- 9/22/00
Destruction- 3/14/03

--The Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution--
Sending the signal of our favorite shows,
It has been our home for four years.
Maiden Voyage- 7/10/99
Destruction- 3/14/03

The brains behind the operation,
Will she make it?
Activation- 7/10/99
Avatar Online- 9/18/00
Deletion- ?/??/??

--Clyde 50s--
Activation- 9/18/00
Destruction of Remaining Units- 3/14/03

Activation- 9/17/01
Destruction of Remaining Units- 3/14/03

Ah, you actually clicked "read more". I'm going by airdates there. TOM2 hasn't died yet, but TOM3 has shown up in promos. Friday is most likely the last day we shall see TOM2.

The GPSS Absolution premiered with TOM1, and despite an engine change, it's broadcasted the signal of our favorite block for 4 years.

Sara said "Hello" when TOM1 premiered, and may not survive the Orcelot Rex encounter.

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