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  Toonami Episode Guide for the Week of January 20th
Posted on Sunday, January 19 @ 21:57:52 EST by KnuxFive

Toonami News Here is the schedule for this week's Toonami. Transformers Armada has a whole week of new episodes, He-Man has left the daily run, and Batman Beyond has returned. The Saturday Night block of programming is listed, as it MIGHT be Toonami this week. Ironically, neither of the Dragonball series are the most played this week (excluding the Sat. Night block), it's actually G Gundam, with Transformers Armada having the most amount of new episodes (Read: The only show with new episodes). Remember, new schedule, "new" Dragonball Z promos, possible new block, chance for the new look.

"Read More" for the episode guide for the episodes airing this week.

Source: The somewhat reliable Cartoon Network Schedules

All new episodes are in bold.

Monday, January 20th-
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
New Helic City
4:30 G Gundam
Challenge! Mysterious Masked Fighter
5:00 Dragonball
End of Commander Red
5:30 Dragonball Z
Global Announcement
6:00 Batman Beyond
Hidden Agenda
6:30 Transformers Armada

Tuesday, January 21st-
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
Longest Night of the Republic
4:30 G Gundam
Steal the Secret! Scheme of the Beautiful Warriors
5:00 Dragonball
Last Dragon Ball
5:30 Dragonball Z
Learn to Fuse
6:00 Batman Beyond
Once Burned?
6:30 Transformers Armada

Wednesday, January 22nd-
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
Defense of the City
4:30 G Gundam
Fierce Battle! Dragon Gundam vs. Bolt Gundam
5:00 Dragonball
Who Is Fortuneteller Baba?
5:30 Dragonball Z
Z Sword
6:00 Batman Beyond
Hooked Up
6:30 Transformers Armada

Thursday, January 23rd-
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
Prozen's Conspiracy
4:30 G Gundam
George, Beat the Nightmare!
5:00 Dragonball
We Are The Five Warriors
5:30 Dragonball Z
Race to Capsule Corp.
6:00 Batman Beyond
6:30 Transformers Armada

Friday, January 24th-
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
Resurrection Monster
4:30 G Gundam
The Final Battle Approaches! Only 3 Days Away
5:00 Dragonball
Deadly Battle
5:30 Dragonball Z
Super Saiyan 3
6:00 Batman Beyond
Mind Games
6:30 Transformers Armada
Decisive Battle

Super Saturday, January 25th-
1:00 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Siren's Song
1:30 Transformers Armada
2:00 Dragonball Z
Trapped In Forever
2:30 Dragonball
Confront The Red Ribbon Army
3:00 G Gundam
Warrior's Crest - Goodbye, Shuffle Alliance
3:30 G Gundam
Ultimate Power and Evil! Rise of the Dark Gundam

Tentative Toonami Prime Time Saturday
10:00 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Siren's Song
10:30 Transformers Armada
11:00 Zoids New Century/Zero
Show 5
11:30 Zoids New Century/Zero
Show 6
12:00 GI Joe
Lights! Camera! Cobra!
12:00 GI Joe
Money To Burn
1:00 Batman Beyond
Winning Edge
1:30 Batman Beyond
Dead Man's Hand

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Re: Toonami Episode Guide for the Week of January 20th (Score: 1)
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