Smooth move, CN. Real freakin' smooth.
Date: Saturday, February 15 @ 10:08:33 EST
Topic: Toonami News

The Saturday Night Toonami block isn't Toonami.

Cartoon Network has aired a promo for the Saturday Video Entertainment System. It's just an action-adventure block, without TOM... unless this is the new look, but... it's most likely not. This would have been the Toonami premieres of Justice League, Pokémon, and YuGiOh, but... it's not. This would be the home of new episodes of He-Man, .hack//SIGN, and Armada, but... it's not Toonami. Toonami will only be 10 hours a week, instead of a possible 17. We've lost Super Saturdays, Rising Sun, and the Midnight Run. Rurouni Kenshin is all well and good... but it'd be nice to have a new block... all the shows have aired on Toonami in one way or form!

Arg... schedules changed to reflect this... (nemalki, I was coming to update this, then I saw your comment :))

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