Batman and the Gang Celebrate Christmas CN Style.
Date: Monday, November 03 @ 15:02:48 EST
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With the holiday season fastly approaching, Cartoon Network has announced it will air a new Justice League half-hour christmas special "Comfort and Joy" and the christmas episode of Batman: The New Adventures "Holiday Knights" and on December 13th at 10.0 and 10.5 respectively.

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The Justice League, comprised of the world's finest superheroes, rushes to complete one last mission to save two planets from colliding before each embarks on a week's vacation to enjoy the Christmas holidays. Flash pays his traditional visit to the Central City Orphanage as "that jolly man in the red suit" to bring a special present to the resident kids. Green Lantern decides to show Hawkgirl his favorite childhood games and activities that involve snow, which results in a spectacular snowball fight. Superman, heading home to spend Christmas with his Earthly parents, the Kents, and await Santa's arrival, decides to bring along a depressed Martian Manhunter, who doesn't understand why everyone finds the season so magical. (Batman and Wonder Woman volunteer to serve "world monitor duty" at the League's Watchtower headquarters.)

Little does each hero suspect that major surprises await them all. When Flash is asked to produce the hottest toy of the season, a "DJ Rubber Ducky," he is forced to search the world for it. With the doll at last in Flash's possession, arch-villain Ultra-Humanite appears and nearly destroys it. Through an amazing act of goodwill and compromise, Flash and Ultra-Humanite actually join forces to repair the toy and deliver it the anxious kids before resuming their adversarial relationship. Hawkgirl reciprocates Green Lantern's holiday "gift" by showing him the place and unique way she prefers to celebrate-resulting in mayhem. One last surprise awaits them both: a secret romance. And Superman's family embraces Martian Manhunter warmly, leaving him the freedom to explore the peace and joy of Christmas Eve on his own. His unexpected experiences that night lead him to compose his own song of joy which he shares with the Kent family.

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