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Date: Saturday, February 15 @ 08:17:14 EST
Topic: Release Info

Don't jump my case, I collect action figures with the best of them.

Toyfare 2003. Many Toonami figures are coming out, and some Toonami news might be subtly announced here.

JAKKs will finish up the figures Irwin has made, and will continue their lines, with a standard line, Striking Z, Energy Blast, and Movie Collection. Dragonball will get a 5-inch scale line. Most of the DBZ figures seem to be based off of the current season, with some based off the movies. A Tenkaichi-Budokai ring will be coming out (Some of JAKK's wrestling influence?), absorbing Buu, and role play toys. Basic 2-Packs will be coming out.

Uhh... he's got some figures coming out.

Justice League-

Continuing their line.

Transformers Armada-
Repaints out the wazoo, including some Beast Wars. Unicron is also coming out...

Superior Defender-
Almost guaranteed to be Toonami, the first American-Made Gundam series will be getting treated well. Models, action figures, card games... Also, it seems this series WILL be having many many Gundam series, like G Gundam, Wing, 0083, Endless Waltz, Mobile Suit... Source: Figures.Com

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