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  Toonami Episode Guide for the Week of February 17th
Posted on Sunday, February 16 @ 17:44:50 EST by KnuxFive

Toonami News Here is the schedule for this week's Toonami. The only new episode is .hack//SIGN. This is also the final week of this schedule, along with Super Saturdays, which means that Zoids: Chaotic Century and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe won't be Toonami for a while. Batman Beyond will leave next week, and G Gundam will take a break, ironically, for Giant Robot Week. I'll probably reinstitute the Related Episode Guide... because of that blasted Saturday Video Entertainment System. Remember, next week is Giant Robot week, followed by the premeire of Yu Yu Hakusho and death of the third hour, and then followed by Rurouni Kenshin and New Horizons two weeks later.

"Read More" for the episode guide for the episodes airing this week.

Source: Cartoon Network

All new episodes are in bold

Monday, February 17th
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
4:30 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Sai Sici's New Attack! Blazing Dragon Gundam
5:00 Dragonball
Yamcha vs. Tien
5:30 Dragonball Z
Gotenks is Awesome
6:00 Batman Beyond
6:30 Transformers Armada

Tuesday, Feburary 18th
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
Blue Devil
4:30 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Domon vs. Argo! Charging Bolt Gundam
5:00 Dragonball
Yamcha's Big Break
5:30 Dragonball Z
Unlucky Break (Huh... is that karma or something?)
6:00 Batman Beyond
Where's Terry?
6:30 Transformers Armada

Wenesday, February 19th
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
Steel Bison
4:30 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
The Ultimate Attack! Duel With Master Asia
5:00 Dragonball
Full-Moon Vengeance
5:30 Dragonball Z
A Whole New Gohan
6:00 Batman Beyond
Ace in the Hole
6:30 Transformers Armada
Link Up

Thursday, February 20th
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
Invisible Enemy
4:30 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
The Ruthless Fight! Schwarz's Last Match
5:00 Dragonball
Dodon Wave
5:30 Dragonball Z
Search For Survivors
6:00 Batman Beyond
King's Ransom
6:30 Transformers Armada

Friday, February 21st
4:00 Zoids: Chaotic Century
Zoid Hunters
4:30 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Battle Royale Beings! Dark Gundam Revived
5:00 Dragonball
Counting Controversy!
5:30 Dragonball Z
Majin Buu Tranforms
6:00 Batman Beyond
6:30 Transformers Armada

Super Saturday, February 22nd
1:00 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
1:30 Transformers Armada
2:00 Dragonball Z
Unlucky Break
2:30 Dragonball
Who Is Fortuneteller Baba?
3:00 .hack//SIGN

3:30 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
George, Beat the Nightmare!

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