Transformers Armada! Powerlink to Rhino to form DVD Box Sets!
Date: Monday, July 14 @ 13:49:50 EDT
Topic: Release Info

Rhino Home Video, the people who have been releasing Transformers G1 Season box sets and will be releasing Beast Wars: Transformers later, has acquired the DVD license to Transformers Armada.

It'll probably be released in two box sets (Part 1 and Part 2, since it's really just one long season), and with it's unique international nature, I wouldn't be suprised if they threw the Japanese language track on there, if not the Japanese bumpers, intros. Hey, this might be the first time we actually SEE Armada's real intro. And who knows, they might include the Toonami/SVES ads, like the Blue Sub. DVD set did. If anyone wants to capture those...

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