''Zoids: Chaotic Century'' To Be Released On VHS
Date: Friday, November 07 @ 00:50:24 EST
Topic: Release Info

"Zoids: Chaotic Century," The X Bridge's 2002 Toonami Show of the Year, will be getting a VHS release by Viz starting this February. There has not been any information regarding a DVD release, but this is certainly a good sign for the fan-favorite series. The first tape is already available for pre-order at Amazon.

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"Zoids: Chaotic Century" currently airs at 6 AM (Eastern) Monday through Friday on Cartoon Network. If you are new to the series this is a good time to jump in since Friday morning will be episode three. Here is the series prolog thanks to Zoids Unofficial:

On the far reaches of the Milky Way, on the Planet Zi, there exists metallic  life forms that posses superior fighting skills. These are the Zoids.  Warriors by nature, Zoids have been used as the ultimate weapons in an ongoing war between the Imperial forces, and the Republicans of Planet Zi. A young boy named Van, born and raised on Zi, holds a strong fascination with Zoids. He develops a special friendship with a Zoid called Zeke, who is able to fuse with another Zoid, thereby enhancing its fighting ability. He also meets a girl called Fiona with whom he starts a journey of discovery to find out about her mysterious past.

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